What Makes Your Home Custom

Be in Control

 Imagine how you are going to feel turning the key to walk into your completed home for the first time after officially closing on it. The home transforms from a place to live to a place that lives and breathes with your family—after all, it is YOUR creation. You dreamed it up. You designed it. You planned it. You chose the materials and contractors. Who knows, maybe you even picked up a hammer or paint brush or rolled in some carpet—although you certainly don’t have to provide the manual labor if you do not want to! 

Chances are you will live in this home —YOUR HOME— much longer than your neighbors who picked their homes off the shelf like a pair of shoes or a toaster. As the years roll on, YOUR home will feel more like an old friend than an assembly of nails and drywall. Kids will grow up and move on. Relatives will visit for the holidays. Friends will create memories that will not fade. And the constant, all the while, will be the home that you built yourself. 

Sound a little melodramatic? To understand why, just close your eyes and dream a little. Imagine holding the blueprints and the muddy boots. Think about the framing and the painting and the roofing—and overseeing it all. If you are excited at all, then building your own home is the right move for you. 

About DIY

 DIY Custom Homes is the sister company to EMS Home Remodeling . EMS established in 1998, while DIY started in 2014. DIY came about when a friend was persistent for Eddie to help him build a custom home. He declined several times over the years, for the fact he just did not want to get involved in new constructions.  Finally he gave in and helped him build his dream home. Seeing that Eddie has had EMS for over a couple decades, he had all the resources he needed to build a new home. They built the home at his cost and was very successful with the build. Further more, Eddie thought "Hey we are on to something." That is how  DIY Custom Homes was started!

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