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 EMS Home Remodeling established in 1998 with a paint brush &  ladder out of the back of a van.  EMS Home Remodeling is a company founded on equal parts, hard work and integrity. Serving the Baytown and Mont Belvieu area.   

Quality over Quantity



Our clients expect the best quality of work and we refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to the requirements of time, budget, and craftsmanship, all comes from years of experience!  

In the Place You Call Home


EMS Home Remodeling believes you should feel confident, comfortable, and nourished in the place you call home.  Our team here at EMS Home Remodeling will make your home remodeling project a pleasure.   


Remodeling Steps


Make A Plan

Making a plan for any remodel or home improvement, you have to discover all your options and find a contractor. Set a budget and know your end goal.

Finalize a Design:

 During the process of finalizing your design, you have to choose all your finishes. I understand sometimes it may be a little overwhelming with all different selections and vendors out there. EMS Home Remodeling understands how that can be for homeowners, that is why we can help you with choosing your final finishes. 

Get Ready For the Big Day

 Before the remodel can actually kick off, you must first prepare your home. 

(whatever area of the house is being renovated) 

Which means moving all furniture, decorations off the walls, nik naks put away, dishes in boxes etc. Moving things out of the way is not part of the remodel. You may even want to move furniture or any valuables  from adjacent rooms, therefore they won't be affected by the remodel. 

The Remodel

Your home improvement will go through many stages throughout the remodel process. First we will start with the Demo stage, where everything that needs to be removed is taken out. Then the process of installing the selections you chose will begin. There may be several humans involved directly or indirectly with your project.  

Patience is KEY during the process.

Inspections will take place if you are in the city limits and required for certain projects.  City inspections are generally required during the rough in phase of a remodel.  Inspections are for your safety and will ensure that all the work completed by EMS Home Remodeling  has been completed per code and correctly.

Final Walk Through:

Not all remodels are a piece of cake and run perfectly smooth. After EMS has finished all the work, this is the time you have to carefully review your home improvements. Look for any defects in the materials as well as any work that does not look correct. Review with the Project Manager during your scheduled final walk through. Then EMS Home Remodeling will determine who is responsible for final adjustments. 

Things to Know Before Starting a Remodel

  • Know your rights & responsibilities under the law
  • Know your contractor 
  • Read before you sign
  • Get it in writing
  • Changes happen
  • Check for load bearing walls 
  •  You Can't tile a wall with a pocket door
  • You won't always meet your deadline
  • If it's not in the scope of work it is an "Add On"
  • Know your budget

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